What type of vacation are you looking for?

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Although traveling the world with friends, family, or a significant other may sound appealing, others may prefer a relaxing vacation with a couple of drinks or soothing music.  Some people may enjoy long vacations while others enjoy weekend getaways.

We’ve broken down the types of vacation below.

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1.  Appreciation of Nature

If you belong to this category, you enjoy the environment and nature.  Activities such as swimming, camping, canoeing, skiing, biking, and hiking would fall into this category.  The beauty of vacations surrounding nature is that most are relatively inexpensive.  Whether it is a long night out by a campfire or reading a classic novel on the beach, these vacations can truly be memorable whether you’re a child or adult.  In today’s society, everything has become fast-paced.  People want fast cars, fast ways to earn money, and fast service.  HOWEVER, there also should be a time to slow things down.  Nature does just that.  So, put down that phone or tablet and enjoy some of the beautiful environment and man-made creations.

2.  Volunteer or Service Learning Projects

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or religious groups often do retreats or volunteer experiences for projects.  Whether it is planting trees, testing or treating local water sources, cleaning the community, or packing food, these experiences can be very rewarding.  You will not only add more people to your network but you may also meet other people from around the world and make a new friend. 

3.  Simply Staying at home (“Stay-cation”)

Who said a vacation means you have to travel somewhere far OR even leave your house?  Sometimes, staying at home to catch up on projects, chores, or simply not looking at anything work-related can be classified into this category.  Work can be boring and repetitive.  However, even the most entertaining jobs can still be stressful.  A simple day of doing absolutely nothing and not following the same routine over and over will give your mind a break and maybe you’ll feel even more refreshed by the time you return to work.

4.  Sightseeing

Do you ever feel like even though you’re on a vacation, you don’t feel like it is a vacation because you are constantly traveling?  It is a good chance one of the reasons is sightseeing.  If you visit a different state or country for the first time, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity and explore what is unique about that particular town, state, or country.  For instance, San Francisco has the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  Rome, Italy has the Colosseum.  If you travel to New York, the statue of liberty comes to mind.  These types of vacations will most likely involve plenty of selfies, Snapchat stories, Instagram posts, tweets, and any other social media platform to share your experiences with the world to see.  After all, isn’t being adventurous one of the most intriguing traits about a person?

5.  Family Trips

Growing up, I can remember a majority of the trips my parents took me on as a child.  My siblings and I still cherish these vacations. Some involved beaches.  Some involved water parks.  Some involved different cultures.  However, the main takeaway from all of these family trips is the time together and memories shared.  The true meaning of the word “family” is encapsulated within these family trips.  Values, traditions, and cultures can be exemplified or reinforced.

What family trips do you remember as a child?

6.  Playing 

These types of vacations may be very amusing for a child but for a parent, it can be stressful…here’s why.  Vacations that consist of play involve visits to theme parks, water resorts, zoos, summer festivals, sporting events, and more.  Parents have to worry about injuries, food, emergencies, and always have to ensure that the child is safe and at the correct place of the event.  No wonder why parents can have a hard time sleeping!  

For people that are retired or enjoy a game of golf, visiting golf courses around the world can fall into this category.  Not only can you enjoy a game of golf but you can also appreciate the beauty of nature and the layout of the course.

7.  Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

If you do not want to partake in a “stay-cation” but still want to leave your house, you may need a little R&R.  In today’s society, stress is everywhere, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, etc. Sometimes, you just need a break from work and leave the environment that is causing you stress.  Take a few days off to stay at a nearby lodge or hotel.  Don’t bother writing an itinerary.  You can grab a coffee, get a massage, or just grab a book to read.  Sometimes, you just need to catch up on sleep or write down a plan for an idea.

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