Money-Saving Strategies for your Next Vacation

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We’ve ALL been there.  You receive your paycheck and before you get excited about seeing all of that money ready to be deposited into your bank account, you realize you have bills to pay and other obligations to be taken care of.

Not only that, but once taxes are taken into consideration, you are left with practically NOTHING!

How in the world can you SAVE MONEY to put towards your dreams, your summer home, your vacation, and your goals if you are constantly living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Let’s face it.  Let’s face our fears of investing and START investing in ourselves for once.  We all deserve a break from the stress in our lives.

Today, we’re going to offer you some guidance and expertise in trying to save money to put towards your next vacation.

Money-Saving Tips

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Otherwise, enjoy some of our top money-saving strategies you can implement TODAY!

1. Open up a separate account STRICTLY for your vacation funds.  Keep it separate from your savings and checking accounts.  By doing this, you will be less tempted into dipping your hands into your vacation funds.  Also, it will help you see how much you spend on a vacation.

2. Automate your savings. Often times, you can select how much money you would like to automatically save each check to be put towards your vacation.  Factor in traveling costs and in effect, you can safely store money away before spending it.

3. Cut back on your monthly food budget.  Most of the time, we have food in our pantries that are considered to be “empty calories”, meaning they are not really nutrient-dense foods. Instead of purchasing those cans of soda and pop tarts, buy vegetables or healthy snacks to incorporate into your diet.  Buy in bulk when things are on sale and freeze items that you can.

4. Sign up for travel alerts or SPECIAL offers. Some airlines and travel companies offer flash sales, limited-time offers, and travel packages,  If you sign up for e-mail alerts, you can cash-in on an opportunity before it’s too late!  Sometimes, you can get an all-inclusive trip which means that all your meals and drinks would be covered in your package deal.

5.  Save on housing costs.  Are you paying too much for your utilities?  Try and cutback on your mortgage insurance cost or consider downsizing your home.  Otherwise, look for housing projects that can be conquered or lighting that can be more eco-friendly and more efficient to save you money and cut down electricity costs.

6. Pick up a side job. We know this option may not be the most feasible one, but look for part-time jobs that you can do at home or won’t take too much time.  Companies online will pay you to take surveys.  Look for the surveys that pay you the most commission and put that extra money towards your vacation funds.  Otherwise, you could always be a part-time babysitter, Uber driver, or help out at a local restaurant.  Do your research and see what field you’d like to work a few extra hours in.

7. Get Deals on Outside Equipment.  If your trip involves outdoor equipment such as hiking gear, snowboards, skis, and well-insulated clothes for weather conditions, look for rental deals or buy your own and bring them with.

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8. Sell your unwanted stuff. Host a garage sale and sell some of your old stuff that has been taking up valuable crawlspace or space in your attic.  

9. Get credit cards that offer rewards. Sign up for a credit card that rewards you with money or cash back options, so you can put the extra money towards your vacation funds.  

10. Travel in the offseason. Look for deals during the quieter times of traveling to your destination of choice. Not only will it be less crowded, but it will be cheaper too.

See if you can incorporate some of these strategies into your life RIGHT NOW.

Look for alternative ways to spend money or reduce your costs.  Even signing up for a library card at your local library can save you money on movies, books, and more.

Hope these few strategies help!

Let us know what you think!

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