Popular Wedding Destinations in Italy

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It’s 2018.  Although we’re approaching spring rather quickly, wedding season will be here before you know it.

If you, a friend, or family member still haven’t decided on a location for a wedding, let us recommend a few popular destinations on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Europe.

Today, we’re going to plunge through the Mediterranean Sea towards the beautiful boot-shaped country of Italy.

We all want to make our wedding day something that will always be remembered,  Whether it’s the people, the food, the scenery, the banquet hall, or even just the music, our wedding day is meant to be special.  Not only is it the bonding between two people, but also the start of a new journey together, embarking on new adventures every single day.  We’re not advising you to spend all of your hard-earned money on a wedding, but if you do have the financial resources, why not make it special?

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We’ve gone ahead and selected OUR most popular choices for weddings in Italy based upon our followers’ surveys and reviews.

That being said, there are a variety of wedding destinations all over the world.  It ultimately depends upon YOUR preferences.  We’re going to discuss several more within our future posts, so STAY TUNED for more destinations!  

Rome, Italy

Although it is one of the oldest cities in the world, Rome is also one of the most visually appealing cities as well.  Known as the Eternal City, Rome is the capital of Italy and people from all over the world come to visit the architecture and experience some of the Roman Catholic history tied along with it.  

Three monuments that are symbolic to Rome include the Trevi Fountain (picture furthest on the right), Il Colosseo (The Colosseum, picture in the middle), and St. Peter’s Basilica.

If you are a strong Catholic, Rome is the PERFECT place to celebrate a Roman Catholic wedding.  Rome is the center of Catholic religion and surrounds Vatican City, which is symbolic to where the pope resides.  

Since Rome is in the center of Italy, it makes it very convenient for newlyweds to travel to various cities and towns on their honeymoon, if they choose for it to be in Italy.  

In regards to flights, there are approximately 70 airports in Italy.  

One of the biggest airports is Fiumicino Airport in Rome.  It offers nonstop flights to over 150 cities with over 100 different airlines.  If you’re looking for cheap flights, it is very difficult to find flights under $500.  If you want to spend less money, often connecting flights are cheaper than non-stop flights.  After looking at Expedia, Tripadvisor, and Lastminute Flights, you’ll most likely be spending close to $1,000.  Our recommendation is to speak with a travel agent or has experience flying internationally to make sure you can get the best deal for your money!

Venice, Italy

Known as a city of water or floating cityVenice represents another beautiful option for couples seeking for an extravagant and majestic wedding that will always be remembered.  Venice is located in Northeast Italy and the majority of transportation around the city is done by boats and gondolas. 

Give your guests a unique experience following the ceremony along the Venetian canals.  This makes it perfect for you and your guests to take some spectacular photos of the sunsets glimmering onto the soothing waves of the Venetian canals.  

Similar to Rome, Venice offers an array of artwork along with luxurious palaces and museums that are iconic to Italy.  The architecture is absolutely breathtaking.  There are not too many places that offer a wedding ceremony in a 16th century palace?  The Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, and St. Mark’s Basilica are just a few of the fascinating elements of Venice.

Civil weddings are offered 365 days a year, which means you can plan a wedding in the winter, spring, fall, or summer.  

The ceremonies usually last approximately 20-25 minutes depending on the length of the vows, incorporation of classical music, etc.  These ceremonies take place at the 16th century Palazzo Cavalli . It can seat about 70 people, but its interior design is magnificent.  The high windows are a key characteristic to the Venetian style and it makes for colorful backdrops for your photos, selfies, and more!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Located along the southern side of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi coast is not only a romantic place for a wedding, but it is PACKED with dazzling elements and islands that will be sure to spark your interest for years to come.  The coast is made up of several towns along mountains and woodlands overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Ancient Romans use to purchase their villas along the Amalfi Coast (FUN FACT). 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the most popular destinations along the Amalfi Coast including Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento, and Atrani.

Before we talk about these destinations, let’s briefly talk about the transportation needed to reach the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Car.   No matter how you choose to travel to the Amalfi Coast, the journey will always be one to remember.  You are surrounded by unforgettable scenery.  If you choose to travel by car, you can either use Positano Car Service or rent a car from the Naples or Rome airports.  If you aren’t in a hurry, traveling by car is a popular choice.  You and your significant other can soak in the scenery if you have extra time to spare before the wedding or on your honeymoon.
  2. Ferry or Boat.  According to our reviews and by tourists, the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast is in between May and October.  The Mediterranean Sea is warm and the towns are filled with activities and in influx of tourists.  A fast and popular ferry is the Alilauro Ferry.  Since it is not a direct trip, you may be stopping in towns such as Capri or Sorrento before finally arriving at your destination.  If you choose to travel by boat, a frequently used option is the Travelmar.  See what best works for you and what sort of time restrictions you have before deciding your mode of transportation along the Amalfi Coast.
  3. Train.  For those of you that have not been to Italy, Trenitalia is Italy’s national train company that you can utilize.  There are a few options here.  If you land in Rome or Naples and want a direct voyage to Positano, you can choose the Positano Shuttle as it will take you straight from the airport to Positano.  If you want to stop at another Amalfi Coast town, you can take a train from Napoli Centrale to Sorrento using the Sitabus.  From there, you can take a bus to your destination.

Now that the transportation options are out-of-the-way, let’s finally dive into the romantic destinations along the Amalfi Coast!

Ravello is absolutely breathtaking.  Since this town is only accessible by car or bus, there are not as many tourists in this town as with towns accessible by boat or ferry such as Positano.  In fact, many artists and writers will visit Ravello for the sheer fact of its peaceful essence, tranquility, and natural beauty.  Romanesque churches, elegant villas, luxurious hotels, and picturesque landscape make Ravello a perfect choice for a wedding.  If one of your dreams is to plan a garden wedding reception with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Ravello will make your dream come true!  We recommend booking far in advance (sometimes a year) to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful place to stay and are accommodated with the best amenities.

Next on our list is Positano.  When you search for pictures of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is sure to be at the top of the list.  Its natural beauty is so enticing that you may almost feel like you are in a piece of artwork.  The glistening sea and soothing sand of its beach below along with the pastel-colored buildings will generate some euphoria and romantic bliss. It remains as one of the most wanted wedding destinations along the Amalfi Coast.  It is filled with the cobblestone pathways and slopes.  As a result, it is more ideal for young couples looking for a romantic and enjoyable event, whether it is for a wedding or honeymoon.  

Since it is called The Amalfi Coast, you might be asking yourself, “Does Amalfi even exist?”.  The answer is “Yes” and it is located near the bottom of Monte Cerreto.  It is composed of dramatic cliffs and coastal views.  The town definitely has some history behind it.  There is a 13th century Cathedral and a Cloister of Paradise which is filled with over various mosaics and paintings.

Capri captures some of the quintessence of the Mediterranean and for good reason too.  It is a place that still ignites our cognitive minds and curiosity, adjoining the ideas of myth and history.  Capri was a favorite among ancient Roman rulers such as Augustus and Tiberius, who built extraordinary villas overlooking vistas and gardens.  This is another beautiful place for writers and artists to come, think, and create new pieces of art or writing.  In fact, a painter from Germany (August Kopisch) discovered the majestic blue waters of the Blue Grotto, which made the Isle of Capri known all over Europe!

As mentioned earlier, towns like Sorrento may be easier to travel to using Italy’s transportation system than others.  Sorrento is famous for its natural beauty, food, shopping, overall friendliness, landscape, and more!  It faces the Bay of Naples and is one of the most requested wedding destinations of Italy.  Similar to Ravello, we recommend that you book far in advance to make sure you get everything you want for your wedding or honeymoon.

Last but not least is the small but elegant town of Atrani.  Located between Ravello and Amalfi, it is also known as a fishing village.  The town turns into a masterpiece at night, as houses are lit up above the glistening sea.  If you travel on a boat at night or just look above from ground level, you’ll see what we’re talking about.  The good thing about Atrani is that it is very affordable compared to the other towns of the Amalfi Coast.  Also, it is a superb spot for wedding pictures, as not many tourists will bother you or be in-the-way of those once-in-a-lifetime moments!

Florence, Italy

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Florence is a part of Tuscany, which dignifies a northern region of Italy. We’ll talk more about the Tuscany region later on.  Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.  That being said, it is also most likely packed with tourists out of all the destinations discussed so far.  The town is full of treasures and a reason most people stay in Florence for more than a few days because there is so much to see!  It is full of churches, museums, piazzas, palazzos, and much more!

The pure magic and glamor of all the creative artwork and history make Florence the perfect place to get married!  You can literally walk across in under an hour and be confronted by a series of Basilicas and Palazzos (Palazzo VecchioPalazzo Pitti, and Santa Maria Novella Basilica to name a few).

The town offers Civil, Catholic, Jewish or symbolic weddings that may be held within the center of Florence.  Receptions can be held at local restaurants or Medieval Castles such as Vincigliata Castle. 

The two main airports to get into the Tuscany region of Italy are situated in Pisa and Florence.  From Florence, you can get to the downtown area by taxi.  In contrast to the United States, the taxis cannot be flagged down. They reside at special parking stations, so you’ll have to plan ahead on where to go.

TripAdvisor put together a list of the cheapest hotels in Florence.  Find what you and your guests need HERE .  Florence is perfect for larger wedding receptions as it is a larger town that can accommodate more guests.  However, you’ll have to search around for the best deals or speak with a travel agent that has a lot of experience with bookings in Italy.

Tuscany, Italy

If you’ve been to Tuscany, I’m sure you  are well aware of the exceptional fine dining, clothing, and wines that are available there!  Weddings in Tuscany are very unique compared to other places we examined earlier such as the Amalfi Coast.  In Tuscany, you are surrounded by green hillsides, olive trees, and vibrant greens and dusky greys from the wine vineyards.  In addition to all of the landscape, Tuscany offers some of the finest small hotels in the world.

Similar to the Amalfi Coast, there are several towns that make up Tuscany.  The beauty and bliss of the vineyards and nature are invaluable.  There are limitless options when it comes to booking a wedding in Tuscany.

A few options for a Tuscany wedding include the Chianti Region, San Gimignano, Montalcino, Siena, Arezzo, and many more!  

We’ll just go over a few of them, but TRUST us, there is so much to like about Tuscany!

Out of the majority of the regions in Tuscany, one region definitely distinguishes itself from the rest…The Chianti Region.

The Chianti region offers an array of possibilities.  If you’re looking for a civil, religious, or symbolic wedding ceremony, this region has the perfect venues to accommodate your preferences! 

Churches that offer wedding ceremonies in this region are the Castellina Church, Gaiole Church, Barberino Church, and Campoli Church.

A notable town in Chianti is Castellina, where plenty of olive groves, vineyards, and astonishing sunsets.  If you’re on a honeymoon or romantic getaway, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do as well as culinary traditions and wine tastings.  In addition to Castellina, Chianti is known for a famous village known as Gaiole.  This village is where the Medici Family and Ricasoli Family faced conflicts in power. However, the birth of the Chianti formula came about in 1872 and they hold the largest supply of Chianti wine as a result.

Another option for a Tuscany wedding venue would have to be in the Montalcino region. It is not only a medieval village, but it houses another popular wine (Brunello wine).

Many of the ancient architectural components in this region have the original gates and work to them, which allude to the medieval element of the region.

If you and your significant other are looking for a civil wedding, you may do so at the Palazzo Comunale, another famous 13th century church.  You have the choice of personalizing your vows and readings, but the church has to be notified at least 2 days prior to the ceremony.  Civil weddings occur on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and also in the mornings on Monday to Friday.  

Perhaps just as magical as the Montalcino region is the San Gimignano region.  It is also known as the City of Beautiful Towers.  It is full of history, art, culture, and more!  14 out of 72 towers still exist there today.  During the middle ages, towers were built to display wealth and power.  If you’re looking to take a breathtaking photo, visit the Torre Grossa tower because it’s the highest in town. Today, the village’s beauty can still be appreciated along with a ruined fortress (Rocca) where families and couples cam rest and admire the olive gardens and scenery. 

 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgement

This is just a snippet of the endless possibilities of getting married or going on a honeymoon in Italy.  Again, there are so many potential spots that you can CHOOSE from that will be sure to exceed your expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about weddings in Italy or would like to plan a wedding, please visit Laura Frappa’s site Exclusive Italy Weddings HERE.

Laura and her team have over 20 years of experience planning weddings and embody a great deal of knowledge planning weddings in Italy.  They’ll be able to provide you with the venues, hotel information, and much more!  

Thank you again for all of the ongoing support and reading all of our content.  

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